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Enterprise Web Development Guide

Enterprise Web Application Development Guide

Enterprise Web Application Development is a detailed process to build an enterprise-level web application.

We will discuss the introduction of ERP, why ERP is important, business benefits of ERP along with its real-time examples.

Lets’ begin.

In this global phase of digitization, technology plays a significant role in having dynamic, secure, and robust enterprise applications. 

As we see about Enterprise Web Application Development, the first impression that comes to mind is, does my enterprise need it? 

Well, yes, maybe. If you have a business or a large enterprise, the web application is a must. A web-based enterprise application is your business cover that showcases and manages all business functions seamlessly.

To enhance business productivity and operations like internal functions, data management, security, employee engagement, and more, Enterprise web application in India aims to offer efficient applications. 

An Enterprise Web Application Development company serves as a solution that delivers your business functions, promotes your product/services, strengthens customer relations, and processes the data effortlessly.

What is an Enterprise Application?

Web-based applications that enable you to manage your company’s internal and external operations seamlessly are Enterprise web applications. 

It is essential to remark that an enterprise web application can be of two ways:

  1. Customized ERP offers you restrictions for internal use, such as internal communication or data sharing within the team. 
  2. An ERP Web Solution that offers a wide range of external assistance such as managing customer relationships.

Here, business necessitates such an application that allows different business verticals to return real-time data and strongly perform data-driven operations across multiple platforms. 

Enterprise application integration (EAI) is a common Practice where integration helps businesses assure smooth and continuous communication between applications and systems. 

As we can see, cloud technologies are on the roof, and various organizations transfer their infrastructure toward cloud settings. But, many custom web application development forms their industry-appropriate ERP that manages the whole business process effectively.

Importance of Enterprise Web Application Development

Now that we know what Enterprise Web Application Development is and why it is required, let’s talk about the importance of the best ERP software.

Enterprise Web Application Development addresses your enterprise’s services and value proposition to your target audience. It plays a huge part as a worldwide channel that helps to streamline your business functions and engage your audience worldwide. 

The pace of digital businesses is growing, and along with that, it is safe to say that Enterprise Web Application Development ensures your business productivity.

In this competitive time, ERP system development companies like Mobifly, with vast experience and expertise serve to develop website applications as the best source of connection between you and your customers.

For such an efficient and remarkable enterprise web application, a well-designed web app with secure code and real-time management supports enhancing your business and offering a superior user experience. 

Further, Enterprise Web Application Development perform ahead of service or product branding and marketing. It is to encourage companies to manage all their transactions online.

The same goes for CRM and web applications for multiple domains. 

You can handle necessary daily operations, including automating deliveries, answering queries, accepting orders, and an online transaction process.

It is not simple, but ERP web applications are worth having that increases engagement and ROI and benefits your businesses and customers identically.

Excellent Benefits of Enterprise Web Application Development:

1. Promotes Your Products and Services

An effective enterprise website is the best way to present your products and services to your audience. Enterprise web solutions providers help break the barriers by offering the multi-function web app that combines you with your customers.

2. An Online Presence

Any business needs an online presence, and it is one of the ways of interaction and audience engagement worldwide. Online presence means 24/7 availability for your users, and it also acts as your social business’ presence for all your audience out there.

3. Branding and Marketing

Businesses of every size need marketing and branding strategies. With enterprise web development, you can improve your business’s reach and perform effective marketing strategies to get your business word of mouth.  

4. Achieve Business Goals

By creating a practical and easy-to-access web application, your business goals and objectives are set to achieve more reliably and competitively. A well-designed enterprise web application development framework of a website with secure and scalable functions will be of exceptional assistance.

5. Improved Customer Relations

High-grade customer relations are the ultimate goal of the business. Procuring your objectives always depends on excellent customer service—the best erp for manufacturing addresses you to guide and help your customers anytime.

What includes an Enterprise Web App?

ERP software developers empower the development of the web application to manage and record internal and external operations. The business process of your organization is as crucial as your product. 

With more than a decade of experience in the enterprise resource planning system, we observed significant advantages: cost savings and time savings. 

The Best ERP web application helps businesses by modernizing their operation with secure transactions in their digital transformation path.

The team at Mobifly develops scalable, custom-made, distributed, accessible via the web, deployed in the cloud, secure, data-centered, easy to use ERP software.

Mobifly will be your best Enterprise Web Application Development partner serving the expert team for developing excellent ERP solutions with easy-to-understand functions.

Examples of Enterprise Web Applications:

Here’s our complete process on ERP web app development to get all your business operations under control. We cover all the steps from planning, resource, systems, and technology to build one for your business.

How to Build An ERP Web Application? Here are the Key Steps for Enterprise Web Application Development: 

1. Form your Expectations

You can build almost anything with ERP, and it functions all your business operations in one system. You can answer major questions before any planning:

Does your business require the ERP web apps to satisfy your needs?

Does your company offer hosting services for ERP solutions, or is it better to hire a dedicated team?

2. ERP system design

The technical side of Enterprise Web Application Development is equally important. As a business, you must explore the typical components of ERP systems, their design aspects, and what other industry players use for system design.

3. Wireframing

You must identify the type of system you want to perform. The two common choices are web-based ERP software or a client/server ERP. 

  • Define modules
  • Resources needed
  • Timeframe

4. Choose the right technology

Now, this is equally important when it comes to the development of ERP. To develop a web-based enterprise, you should choose the tech wisely and relevant toolkit for developers:

  • Hosting an ERP System.
  • Programming language for ERP software development. 
  • Database for secure data of storing company’s data. 

5. Integration of a web-based ERP 

Rather than depending on multiple applications for business operation, integration of ERP with existing software manages all functions in one process. 

6. Test ERP implementation

Once Enterprise Web Application Development is completed, it’s time to check the execution of the web application as a single resource planning system.

Here is the detailed information on ERP Performance Testing.

Here is the detailed information on ERP Security Testing.

The Cost of Custom ERP Software Development

There’s no such thing as ERP comes in multiple forms where no one-size solution can fit all ERP. 

When it comes to the costs of Enterprise Web Application Development, it highly depends on the business requirements, features, characteristics, and complexity of the solution. Approximately, It may range from $20,000 to many more. 

While planning the ERP web application budget, the business should consider various aspects of the cost of Enterprise Web Application Development based on the number of fields in the system. 

As per the record, huge enterprises with different demands pay considerably more than small companies. Because huge organizations have different needs and multiple verticals with more users and extensive functionality. 

Must-Have Characteristics for Enterprise Web App/Software Development

An enterprise web app solution needs to have secure and scalable features to deliver its purpose significantly. These include:


The most significant characteristic of enterprise web development is Security. Web apps need to be more secure as ERP carries business data where real-time management is standard.

Cost Control

Most experienced developers guarantee costs that do not exceed the initial Enterprise Web Application Development budget. But there comes a vast difference till the final launch. 

Cost control becomes harsh when you work on interfacing and integrating the system with existing systems and technologies.


A web application that is not scalable cannot sustain itself in the market for the long term. The growth and development of your ERP app depend on the scalability features and functionality. 


It will help if you interconnect the devices for a better connection. Interoperability is essential to connect the networks while managing a vast amount of operations. The enterprise web app needs to be interoperable for better engagement

Superior Performance

It is groundless to say that the performance of an enterprise web app/software has to be outstanding. Low performance is not an option for ERP applications, and for large-scale enterprises, one cannot afford downtimes every other hour. 

  • An erp solution provider will offer corporate profits and higher ROI only with high performance.
  • It may affect the business process and business reputation if multiple users fail to function parallelly.

Your Technology Stack

Customized erp solutions development needs a strong team of front-end development and back-end development. Front-end development comprises experts designing the interface, while back-end development is focusing on excellent coding processes.

Front-end Development

Front-end development is the key for ERP web applications as it takes client-side coding and builds the web app visible on any browser.

For client-side coding, developers need to be skilled in:

  • Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
  • Cascade Style Sheets (CSS)
  • JavaScript and JS libraries
  • Web frameworks such as Angular, React, and more.

Back-end Development

Server-side coding comes in back-end development, and it builds the code that the server needs to understand and execute. 

Java 8 is the best application development language at present as it is strong and versatile.

The best Java Enterprise Edition frameworks incorporate:

  • Spring – Spring Boot and Spring Cloud
  • Hibernate – the best ORM framework to build databases
  • Apache Struts2 – open-source MVC Java framework

For enterprise databases, the following are the handiest technologies:

  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • PostgreSQL

The Right Enterprise Web Application Development Framework

The framework plays a crucial role in any web-based enterprise application. It supports to set program libraries, tools, and other notable components in an architecture system.

If you are planning for a custom ERP software development, make sure that your website design flows easily and allows your enterprise professionals to perform without the developer’s help. 

The right Enterprise Web Application Development framework is not the aspect to be negotiated as it offers faster speed, security, and consistency of your web application. 

Need to build your ERP system?

Leading custom Enterprise Web Application Development company is not just your technology partner; they act as your solution provider who aligns a single software platform with its entire infrastructure.

  • Custom Enterprise Web Application Development solution is something you are going to use at every stage within the company. 
  • Besides, Enterprise Web Application Development supports maintaining a solid online presence and sustainability in the highly digital sphere. 

Following the right practices with in-depth knowledge of technology and solutions enable your custom Enterprise Web Application Development to drive a great website.

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