The Development Process of REST API @Mobifly

The Development Process of REST API at Mobifly starts with understanding and documenting the requirements. As part of requirement analysis, we design a workflow diagram depicting producer-consumer, the request-response payload of the API. We understand from the client what the success parameters of the API are, under the development Process of REST API. Considering the …

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Benefits of Agile Development Methodology in Mobile app development

Benefits of Agile Development Method in Mobile App Development

The Agile Development Methodology is one of the simplest and most effective processes to transform the vision of business requirements into software solutions. Agile model is a term used to describe agile software development methods, which include continuous planning, learning, improvement, teamwork, evolutionary development, and early deployment. Encourage flexibility to respond to changes. There are …

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Api security testing

REST API Testing

What is an API and Rest API Testing? An API is a mechanism of transferring information between two computer systems. Rest API Testing is very important to ensure accurate working of the integrated workflows. Modern Web APIs are usually implemented using REST (Representational State Transfer). The RESTful style has been recognized as the international standard …

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Types of Mobile Apps

A mobile application is a product that can be programmed directly on smartphones and tablets, and for that there are various types of mobile apps. You can perform indistinguishable tasks on your website, but the process is inherently more efficient and easier to use. It is important to seek an answer to a question – …

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Performance Testing of Mobile Applications

The purpose of running Mobile App Performance Testing is to evaluate the performance of the application in a simulated environment (or more environments) and to predict the user experience after the application is publicly released. During the performance testing of mobile applications, app performance at peak traffic points, application stability through poor Internet connections, device-specific …

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