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Quality Policy

Dedicated To Maintain the Highest Quality Standards

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One of the most important challenges in outsourcing is maintaining quality parameters. We take this very seriously, adapts and implements quality standards at every stage of the software development cycle. 

Below are some of the points that we take into account:

  • Detailed requirement documentation, along with mock-ups.
  • Test cases for each business use case.
  • Break complex requirements into simple and short tasks.
  • Automated and Peer code reviews.
  • Peer testing.
  • Multiple rounds of integration and regression testing.
  • Performance and security testing.
  • Continuous client demos.

We perform all client services with utmost honesty, loyalty, and decency. We also ensure that every solution is delivered because our goal is to be reliable and scalable. 


We have a ritual at Mobifly where our development team likes to give challenges to the QA team. To find a defect in the code functionality within 15 minutes, they would be treated for lunch.

Now, this confidence is only possible, when there is no scope of doubts, and the commitment to the job has been duly obliged. The job is not simple at all, it takes a great deal of hard work to produce the desired results, to this we are proud of our development team for breaking the conventions and always delivering better than anticipated.


We do not look at short-term benefits, but long-term profitability, and try to understand how we recommend better things to help you in the long run. 

We focus not only on business functionality implementation, but we make sure that the code written is optimized, clean, and maintainable. To make sure of this we have various processes in place:

  • Static Code Analysis by developers while writing the code and making sure there are no errors and warnings and the code is following industry standards.
  • Demo to QA team to make sure that the code is as per functional requirements. This helps in avoiding major issues during integration testing.
  • CI/CD implementation with continuous testing.
  • And many more……….

Why Choose Us?

IT Services 

At Mobifly we take pride in offering numerous other IT solutions alongside Enterprise Web Development such as Robust System Integration Services for the CONNECTED you. Innovative Mobile App development for a BETTER you. Process Automation services for a SIMPLER you. SAP consulting services for an ORGANISED you. Graphic Design services for a CREATIVE you.

We continually seek new and better ways to serve our clients and aim to anticipate their future needs. We have been constantly growing and expanding our reach. Currently, we are involved in Android and iOS Mobile Application Development, Custom Enterprise Web Development (ERP), REST API System Integration Services, Process Automation services (RPA), SAP consulting services, and Graphic Design services.At Mobifly we are innovation-driven and therefore incorporate the same in everything we do, build and deliver.

Our work gets you noticed in the right crowd. We unlock business value by deploying standard and reputed techniques that offer high-performance, improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and optimize operations. Therefore, the way we deliver certainly does not only target to get you results. It is also targeted at getting you noticed amongst the chain.

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