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The Evolution of Digital Trust: Navigating Identity Management, Blockchain-Based Verification, and India’s Privacy Protection Bill

Digital Trust In today’s interconnected digital world, the cornerstone of secure and sustainable growth is “Digital Trust.” From Identity Management (IDM) solutions to Blockchain-Based Verification, digital trust is more than a mere technical issue—it’s a human-centric one. With the enactment of privacy protection bills like India’s Personal Data Protection Bill, the importance of digital trust …

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The Development Process of REST API @Mobifly

The Development Process of REST API at Mobifly starts with understanding and documenting the requirements. As part of requirement analysis, we design a workflow diagram depicting producer-consumer, the request-response payload of the API. We understand from the client what the success parameters of the API are, under the development Process of REST API. Considering the …

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Api security testing

REST API Testing

What is an API and Rest API Testing? An API is a mechanism of transferring information between two computer systems. Rest API Testing is very important to ensure accurate working of the integrated workflows. Modern Web APIs are usually implemented using REST (Representational State Transfer). The RESTful style has been recognized as the international standard …

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E-Commerce Integration of Delhivery

Delhivery is the most successful new-age logistics company. It was founded in May 2011. Integration of E-commerce platforms was the primary challenge of Delhivery. Online shops are built on different technology solutions (Magento ERP, WooCommerce, Shopify, e.t.c.) hence real-time ERP integration with Delhivery for last-mile delivery and other services requires expertise that can seamlessly integrate …

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What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. To understand the actual role of the API, let’s look at a simple analogy: you are hungry, so go to a hotel to enjoy a good meal, but go to a restaurant to sit there is not for your purpose. You must order food through an assistant (or waiter). …

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Rest API Guide

Rest API Development Guide

Rest API-based System Integration is the most common pattern being used in the IT industry today. Usually, different IT components are used for different tasks. However, as business functions expand, organizations may be overwhelmed by many tools that cannot communicate and work together. This is where Rest API Development and Integration comes into play. In …

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