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Delivery Methodologies

Delivery Methodologies

Our Integrated and Powerful Delivery Methods Offer Comprehensive Customization and Cost-Effective Solutions.

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We know that every company has its own requirements and working methods. For all kinds of companies, target markets and potential customers, your requirements will inevitably be different. How does the delivery model fit any company and any industry? Mobifly is mainly committed to integrating information technology into its business processes to improve productivity and profitability. By combining business acumen with technical expertise, we can create them in different ways and carefully consider to meet your specific needs. This requires different delivery modes. 

We try to make everything as simple as possible. We strive to use many simple processes to achieve the results our customers seek. To be honest, in this advanced era, customers have different needs, different strategies and different time to market. Therefore, although we ensure that even small modules are prudent, our approach has changed.  Our hands-on approach, business strategy, and results-based solutions throughout their entire life cycle can help you leverage the technologies of various delivery models throughout your organization.

Our Delivery Methods

Overseas Suppy Model

We have the strictest cost control at all major levels to ensure that our products are free of defects. When you benefit from our services and increase your income, we will ultimately be successful people.

Onsite Delivery Model

We at Mobifly carry our undertaking experts without delay in your internet site for the duration of the On-Site shipping model. We will positioned our professional personnel for your area to paintings in keeping with your in-residence crew from starting to implementation.

Offsite Delivery Model

If you are looking for a service provider near the office, please use our off-office delivery model. As the service provider better understands your needs, this will bring overall benefits.

Hybrid Delivery

With Mobifly’s on-site and off-site hybrid delivery model, you can tailor it to your business needs, so as to get the most benefit from the best of both worlds. This is a proprietary model that perfectly combines optimal cost and fast delivery.

Global Deployment Model

If you need reliable communication and process tracking, the global deployment model may be the best for you. We also provide this delivery model to our customers so that they can achieve their business goals.

Why Prismetric?

  • Customer Centric  – Our process of solution delivery is comprehensive, cutting-edge, business function and customer-focus.
  • Superior QMS – Ours is a tested balance delivery strategy and sophisticated Quality Management System.
  • 24* 7 Services – We believe in providing round the clock delivery of quality solutions at considerably low costs
  • Top-Notch Solutions We deliver Top-notch consulting and project management with cost benefits and scalability.
  • Well-Defined – We keep a sharp performance and process metrics that make sure precise completion of projects.
  • Efficiently Plan – We plan, execute and keep a solution that consists of processes derived from business approach & objectives.

Why Choose Us?

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” Everything is designed. Few things are designed well. “

– Brian Reed

    IT Services 

    At Mobifly we take pride in offering numerous other IT solutions alongside Enterprise Web Development such as Robust System Integration Services for the CONNECTED you. Innovative Mobile App development for a BETTER you. Process Automation services for a SIMPLER you. SAP consulting services for an ORGANISED you. Graphic Design services for a CREATIVE you.

    We continually seek new and better ways to serve our clients and aim to anticipate their future needs. We have been constantly growing and expanding our reach. Currently, we are involved in Android and iOS Mobile Application Development, Custom Enterprise Web Development (ERP), REST API System Integration Services, Process Automation services (RPA), SAP consulting services, and Graphic Design services.At Mobifly we are innovation-driven and therefore incorporate the same in everything we do, build and deliver.

    Our work gets you noticed in the right crowd. We unlock business value by deploying standard and reputed techniques that offer high-performance, improve customer satisfaction, reduce costs, and optimize operations. Therefore, the way we deliver certainly does not only target to get you results. It is also targeted at getting you noticed amongst the chain.

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