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How to do enterprise web application security testing

Enterprise Web Application – Security Testing

Whenever we build a new software solution, one of the principal attention has to be its security. Web Application Security Testing is important to check the malware, hackers, viruses, and other cyber threats will not ruin by stealing user data. 

The outcome of insecure applications could be the worst in a loss of business reputation. Web Application Security testing is essential to reveal inherent gaps utilizing to avoid all these issues.

“Web Application Security Testing simply indicates that authorized access is allowed to preserve data and unauthorized access is limited.”

“In recent times, though, the cyber-world appears to be a more driving force that is growing in the new models of almost every business application.” And the web data are managed best by Web-based ERP solutions that have to transform below experience.   

ERP software development services help businesses and customers equally; their all-presence gives security from cyber-criminals attacks. As a result, web application security testing, or scanning web applications as a whole, is essential for any software uncertainty.                             

With lots of data over service and product sites, we know that the lack of custom Web Application Security Testing allows data breaches.

What is Web Application Security Testing?

Web Application Security Testing is a broad term covering all possible means of identifying bugs, threats and fixing them before damaging any web application.       

ERP software development company like Mobifly offers web application security testing service as a part of web application development to implement and identify the actual performance. 

ERP software companies in India also assist in defending business-critical data on manufacturing formulations, supply chain information, credit cards, logistics, procurement, and interface with payment gateways. 

This makes them a treasure trove for their bad actions.  What does this mean?

In addition to that, ERP solutions are no longer solely behind the organization’s firewall and network.     

Besides, ERP software companies in India help to know the potential risks and identify whether the system will continue to function in a breach or not.                               

As per the 2018 Verizon Data Breach Report, web applications are the attack target to do data breaches. In some businesses, up to 41% of data breaches are related to web applications.     

“To present stakeholders with required data about the quality of the software product, we practice Web Application Security Testing while ERP software development.” 

Web Application Security Testing for custom ERP apps ensures the readiness of software solutions.  

Which Applications Need to have Security Testing?

ERP software companies have to test and fix web application security testing bugs before they appear. Web applications that required to test the security are: 

  • Enterprise Web Applications
  • Applications with delicate commercials
  • Business applications with private information
  • Payment and statistic software systems
  • Social applications with massive data
  • Applications with high licensing

Types of bugs:    

If source code is part of Enterprise Web Application, developers can do testing. Besides, QA experts help with some functional and technical tests.     

First, let’s cover the basic types of bugs.

  • Business logic: when something is not valid as per the business demands.    
  • Accessibility: if the software code is not matching the needs.
  • Security bugs: when the solution is exposed to some security exploits.    
  • Integration: two or more parts of software fail to work together.
  • Regression: may be code updates let being features to occur.
  • Performance: When web-based enterprise application is slow and may not stand on executing new functions.
  • UI bugs: when the user interface fails to engage with software design.

Web Application Security Testing Methodology

There are three principal web application security testing approaches when it comes to ERP software development services:

Black box testing involves software testers putting themselves in the hackers’ shoes and trying to breach the app through all kinds of methods. 

Enterprise web application development in India helps to develop secure web apps protecting completely from external warnings.                       

Dynamic Testing: QA of applications takes an audit to run an application and discover how it reacts to all kinds of inputs. Overall, it supports knowing whether web-based enterprise applications are compliant with regulations or not.

Static Testing: This approach examines the source code via an automatic testing solution. Automating testing methods will lower the time required to conduct the tests; it might not see advanced threats that dynamic testing will identify. 

Hence, it is sufficient to practice static complement tests with dynamic ones.   

For instance, if a number was passed instead of a string, we don’t have to check function breaks. Here, the customer can help to limit some bugs.

// @flow

function square(n: number): number {

  return n * n;


square(“2”); // Catching the error even before unit test!

Test pyramid

The test pyramid puts us to arrange software tests into a group of different granularities. It determines specific kinds of tests you should be looking for in the various software pyramid levels and implementation on how these can be achieved.    

Web Application Security Testing Tools 

Test techniques involve completing a process or an application to know software bugs or defects.

  • Dynamic application security testing (DAST): These tools help audit the code to identify security vulnerabilities. 
  • Interactive application security testing (IAST): For web app testing, the IAST tool highly integrates SAST and DAST procedures. 
  • Static analysis security testing (SAST): These tools scan software code, watching for patterns to make security vulnerabilities. 
  • Database security scanning: It helps to check databases in search of configuration and design weaknesses.  
  • Penetration testing: This testing executes once software has been delivered into testing where a mix of human-based and automated scanning efforts attempt to uncover vulnerabilities. 

3 Tips for Web Application Security Testing:

We are a leading custom ERP software development company that offers in-depth web application development and security testing as a priority to deliver the best possible solution.

Here are the three practical tips for Web App Security Testing:

1) If a system is business-critical, it should be tested often.

2) The earlier security is tested in the software’s design lifecycle, the better.

3) Keep development teams on track by prioritizing remediation and bug fixes.

Five practices that help Enterprises get Secure Web Applications:

As a business, you need to stand for your users, stakeholders and implement effective development that processes secure code across the organization. It aids in avoiding pulling business operations in different ways.  

To be an efficient and effective Enterprise web application holder, the ERP development company will assist in getting web applications that ensure precise, secure, practical, and – above all – compatibility.

Here are the five software testing practices we follow while custom ERP software development:

#1: Get a Quality DAST Solution
#2: Find Out What You Have
#3: Fix Immediate Issues
#4: Build Up a Systematic Security Program
#5: Streamline Workflows to Integrate Security

Stay on the Right Track of Custom ERP Software Development 

We can’t always help once the error occurs, and people don’t avoid making a mistake. And to solve this equation, ERP solution providers have ways to grab that mistake before it moves to production. 

  • Security testing is still comparatively new for many web app businesses and is usually not adequately combined into the organization network.   
  • As security testing is so comprehensive in development and adapted to each software development phase, it helps to get robust and reliable decisions.

With the best ERP software provider like Mobifly, your organization can access efficient and secure development experts. ERP software consulting and custom web application development services will get everything your business needs in the race for the enterprise resource planning system.

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