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E-Commerce Integration of Delhivery

Delhivery is the most successful new-age logistics company. It was founded in May 2011. Integration of E-commerce platforms was the primary challenge of Delhivery. Online shops are built on different technology solutions (Magento ERP, WooCommerce, Shopify, e.t.c.) hence real-time ERP integration with Delhivery for last-mile delivery and other services requires expertise that can seamlessly integrate logistics with Delhivery APIs.

By building a layer through Magento integration, Mobifly has contributed to Delhivery’s Success. This layer receives a request from different E-commerce platforms that are built on different technologies and transform them into a common format that is easily understood by Delhivery’s technology hence fulfilling its integration requirements.

Magento Plugin Provide following features:

  1. Download and Store client-specific AWB series.
  2. Download and Store a list of serviceable Pin Codes.
  3. Allocate AWB to Order automatically.
  4. Pin code Check while shipping order.
  5. Facility to submit manifest for the allocated AWB.
  6. Facility to print a shipping label for the selected AWB.

Mobilfy has also developed REST API toolkit that can be integrated seamlessly with any Ecommerce solution and provide the above-mentioned features.

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