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Security Testing of Mobile Application

Mobile Application Security Testing focuses on the security position of mobile application software on various platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone. This applies to applications running on mobile phones and tablets. Many companies rely solely on mobile applications to establish connections with users around the world.

In the workplace and everyday situations, the number of smartphones has increased dramatically, making them the main targets of hackers. It is 100% safe, and attackers will continue to research new ways to exploit vulnerabilities in mobile devices.

Why mobile app security testing?

There are many reasons why Mobile Application Security Testing is important. Mobile application testing prevents future attacks by guessing the behavior of the attacker and predicting his actions. This ensures that new mobile applications are launched without worrying about security risks. For example, network components for mobile applications as needed. It is also important to comply with strict industry safety standards and comply with legal requirements. 

The number one reason for application freezing is responsiveness. When trying to get data or sending something and waiting for a response, the app will freeze. 

Our Approach to Security Testing:

Mobifly’s security testing for mobile applications ensures that best practices are followed. Our client operations include: decompiling applications, verifying signatures and certificates, verifying passwords, handling sensitive information verification, and verifying accidental data transmission. Enable checking server configuration errors, find spaces in server code or scripts and test known security vulnerabilities and reduce the possibility of hacker attacks. 

During static analysis, our experts will reprocess your application to extract the source code. Then, they perform a comprehensive source code analysis based on the CERT secure coding standard and identify vulnerabilities. We install your application in a real environment. Device and run tests to verify the security of your application. 

Static testing helps to evaluate static applications. This allows us to identify vulnerabilities related to code execution, data flow, buffer handling, etc. on the device. With the help of dynamic testing tools, we can observe the behavior of the application on the actual device to find potential problems. 

Our end-to-end testing can identify vulnerabilities, such as attack vulnerabilities, insecure encryption usage, incorrect session management, unauthorized access, SQL/command injection, server misconfiguration, vulnerabilities and debugging options, insecure passwords, Leakage of sensitive information, etc. 

After the test is completed, we will provide a final report that lists all the service or security issues that have been discovered, as well as suggested solutions to close the gap and improve the security application. 

Why choose Mobifly? 

Mobifly is a leading global provider of security testing solutions. We provide services to many customers in various fields, industries and regions, and have extensive experience to support you in protecting your infrastructure. Our core capabilities include: 

Extended application testing infrastructure: We provide a complete phone security app environment for mobile applications, combined with our security expertise, can provide customers with world-class application security solutions. 

Multi-platform solutions: Methodologically, we provide solutions for all major form factors and applications for mobile technology. 

End-to-end support: Our team has extensive experience and many years of experience in the Mobile Application Security Testing industry. We will guide you from the design phase to the beginning of testing, including active safety in every phase of the software development life cycle. 

Check the source code: Mobifly has extensive source code experience. Code inspection enables you to find coding errors, design errors and logic errors early, and prevent rework.

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