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Does AI and RPA really relate?

As more and more companies adopt RPA, there has also been some controversy regarding the potential relationship between RPA and AI.

Why is it controversial? RPA does not learn dynamically like deep neural networks. For example, a web form is roaming-RPA bots usually can’t solve it on their own.

Even if you adopt this view, there must be a relationship between both, and this relationship is growing. AI technologies usually augment and mimic human judgment and behavior complement RPA technologies that mostly replicate rules-based human actions.

Artificial intelligence technology that complements and mimics human judgment and behavior complements RPA technology, which reproduces rule-based human behavior. As a driving force to improve organizational productivity.

When RPA gets deployed with AI technologies, it gains capabilities.

The rapidly developing AI technology (i.e. deep neural network) adds brand-new tools to the RPA toolbox, mainly in the field of vision. Now, these functions can be used to activate RPA workflows on decision nodes that were previously impossible. This enables you to fully “see” documents and images using algorithms and explain top-down logic and routing.

How and why RPA and AI can be combined?

Two technologies can support each other and coexist to create a more powerful intelligent automation platform, automate front-end or back-office business processes, and coordinate work between merged individuals and robots. 

Here are some reasons why you use both in a combined manner: 

  • To make your workforce more productive. 
  • Protect your employees from tedious, tedious, busy, and repetitive tasks. 
  • Eliminate human error in the workplace and provide correct results. 
  • Improve data management efficiency and reduce costs. 
  • Use customizable dashboards to ensure complete transparency of the process. 

Support for custom RPA and AI reports is no longer limited to programmers. The technology is easily accessible to business users in the form of intelligent automation. Mobifly offers seamless RPA and AI integration services.

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