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Data Reconciliation & Data Analytics Solutions

Data Analytics and Reconciliation

Can you expect a business to rely on its internal records and make financial decisions blindly, or you will trust a Data Analytics and Reconciliation tool?

The internal records might possess errors or fraudulent data. No business can survive in this situation.

To make sound financial decisions, Executives need a trusted data source. Hence, it becomes critical to reconcile internal records against external sources, find mismatches, and rectify them timely.

However, there’s a severe underlying risk to this aspect – Inaccurate Data Analytics and Reconciliation.

To reduce cost, time and mitigate the risk prevalent in manual reconciliation, Mobifly offers a unique solution – Data Analytics Solution.

Data Analytics and Reconciliation Solution can mitigate the huge risk of incorrect analysis and increased cost and time. It optimizes your process and reduces the cost of operation.

Our Data Analytics and Reconciliation tool will continuously check the integrity of your data to ensure that you will not lose any data. Use smart algorithms to match data. Compare the number of rows and column checksums in the source and target data to identify errors.

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