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Case Study Enhancing PDF Invoice Processing with AI and OCR Solutions for Big 4 Clientele - A Mobifly Success Story

Case Study: Enhancing PDF Invoice Processing with AI and OCR Solutions for Big 4 Clientele – A Mobifly Success Story

Executive Summary

Mobifly, was approached by one of the Big 4 accounting firms to address the challenges their clients faced in processing PDF invoices from suppliers. This case study highlights how Mobifly’s innovative approach, leveraging artificial intelligence and optical character recognition technologies, revolutionized invoice processing, overcoming the hurdles of limited data availability for testing.


The Big 4 firm’s multinational clients struggled with the efficient processing of diverse and complex supplier invoices predominantly in PDF format. This challenge was compounded by the limited availability of invoice data for testing and validating a potential solution.

The Challenge

Varied PDF Invoice Formats: Clients were dealing with a range of invoice layouts in PDF, posing significant standardization challenges.Limited Data for Testing: The scarcity of invoice data presented a unique obstacle in developing and confirming the effectiveness of a new processing system.


Mobifly developed a tailored solution incorporating AI and OCR technologies, hosted on AWS serverless architecture, and integrated via APIs.

Key Solution Aspects:

1-PDF Invoice Processing: The system adeptly managed various PDF invoice formats, ensuring adaptability to diverse layouts.

2- OCR Technology Application: Optical character recognition was employed to convert PDF content into editable and searchable formats.

3-AI-Powered Data Extraction: Advanced AI algorithms were used to accurately extract key invoice information from the processed data.

4-Cloud-Based Efficiency: Hosting the solution on AWS using a serverless framework, Mobifly ensured scalability and cost-efficiency.

5-API Integration for ERP Systems: The solution was seamlessly integrated into clients’ existing ERP systems through well-designed APIs.


Cost-Effective Invoice Management: The serverless cloud infrastructure led to reduced operational costs.
Scalable and Robust Solution: The AI and OCR-based system efficiently handled increasing volumes and complexities of invoices.


Mobifly’s project with the Big 4’s clients stands as a testament to the transformative power of AI and OCR in the realm of PDF invoice processing. This case study not only underscores Mobifly’s expertise in technological innovation but also highlights the practical impact of these technologies in solving real-world business challenges.

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